Midnight Brewery’s Story

Meredith and I love working with business owners because they are so passionate about what they do. Business owners care so much about their customers and the best ones care about their customers and employees equally. 

Before we highlight any small business, we like to meet with the owners so we can get to know their brand and we often get inspired by their stories. That was definitely the case when we met Trae from Midnight Brewery. Meredith and I went to the brewery a day before the initial video shoot and spent a couple of hours with him to learn about Midnight and his story. By doing this, we got to feel the Midnight effect that many others have felt when they visit the brewery.

After meeting him, it was clear that Trae has such a love for brewing beer, his customers, and his employees all equally. I think that’s what makes people go back to Midnight Brewery so much and it’s why they have so many regulars. When he first started the company, people volunteered to work for him because of his welcoming and authentic nature. Many of his current employees were his customers that loved being there so much, that they wanted to work there. We don’t typically see that in a lot of other places, and after being there for a few days, I felt like I wanted to work part-time at his bar too! Everyone feels happy and so welcomed that families bring their kids and stay for a while. 

Another amazing aspect that we wanted to highlight in the video was, of course, the delicious beer. Midnight Brewery has beers that are available all year around, but also experiment different flavors by season. The Watermelon Lime Kolsch is a summer favorite of mine right now. Their crew loved to create new flavors and enjoy the brewing process so much. 

Midnight Brewery was so much fun to film and we can’t wait to go back again.

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