Skylark Hammocks Story

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It’s been a while, but that’s because we have been BUSY! As COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, we have been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing business owners to help with their video needs. 

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the work we did with Skylark Hammocks. We are very lucky to have met this small business in the mountains of Waynesboro, VA. The owners Jonathan and Seth are so giving and full of life. There are many businesses out there that are just ‘side-hustles’ but very few are true passion projects like the one they built together. 

We knew we would love the products, but little did we know how much we would love the team! Jonathan and Seth have been friends since high school and are both social workers by day. They are always helping others and can often face difficult situations with their professions. These two wanted a way to counteract social work and created a company with the motto ‘an intolerable lack of seriousness’ to allow others to let loose and relax. They decided to make high-quality hammocks with the best quality and hand make them with a ton of heart. 

 First, they start with high quality fabric and make the hammock much longer than the traditional size to offer extra room. Then, Jonathan cuts and dyes the fabric with vibrant colors that’s artistic and detailed-oriented. Lastly, Seth sews the hammock and bag together that’s ready for shipment. They also go to a variety of festivals and love introducing their hammocks to others. We even got to sit in them and test them out. I was instantly relaxed and did not want to get up! That is saying a lot because I do not relax easily. 

I hope you love the video that goes over so much more of their story as well as learn about the amazing people behind the brand!

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The Richbrau Story

Richmonders who have lived here for a while typically know the name Richbrau. It has so much history and heart, so we had to capture those elements when filming their video story. I remember going to the old Richbrau in college and always having a good time. It was surprising when they closed down but clearly you can’t keep this name closed forever.

We always want talk to the owners and know and the ‘why’ before we film anything.  This allows us to get in a personal and driven mindset when filming and editing. It was clear how much the owners Matt, Hank, and Brian took such a detailed approach into all the aspects when re-launching Richbrau. They wanted to pay a homage to the original Richbrau and Richmond with a new vision.

When history and modernity mix, it is heartwarming. We had to capture the uniqueness of this mix and focus on how much they want to keep the history of Richmond and Richbrau while moving forward in a modern facility and innovative beer. To hear their story, check out the video below to learn more.

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Top 5 Lighting Tips for Videos

When it comes to video, there are quite a few important aspects that can make or break its quality. Sound, angles, and depth can make a big impact. Another big contender is lighting. 

While there are multiple types of lighting to think about when filming like natural lighting, passive lighting from other elements in the shot, and others that come from reflective areas, there are three main types of lights that many videographers focus on when interviewing.

 - Key Light - this is the direct lighting element on the subject. It can be best placed on the side of the individual, typically around the 45-degree angle. This light is the strongest out of the three and creates a small shadow on the opposite side of the face. 

- Fill Light - the fill light is used where light is missing in the shot. It can even out any of the bold shadows that are created by the key light. The fill light can be set on the other side of the key light and is typically on the other side of the camera from where the key light is located. Sometimes if you have other natural elements that reflect lighting or reflectors themselves, you can use those to replace a fill light. 

- Back Light - this light goes behind the subject and helps with dimension and depth. It’s often on the same side as the key light and can create a great glow for the subject.

There are other types of lighting elements that you can get pretty in-depth with, however, these three lighting elements can be most essential when it’s set for interviewing someone. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try different angles. The more practice you have will help with your confidence levels in becoming a great videographer. 

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